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To ensure that every public school student in Napa county and beyond, as we are able, has the tools he/she needs to succeed in the classroom.



TRCNB is pleased to work with


Kids in Need is a national

non-profit foundation that

provides free school supplies

to children most in need.




Help us restock

our shelves 


Most Needed Supplies


1. #2 Pencils
2. Spiral Notebooks
3. Construction Paper
4. Crayons
5. Dry Erase Markers
6. Colored Markers
7. 2-Pocket File Folders
8. Index Cards
9. Graph Paper
10.  Scissors


Public school teachers from Napa County can make an appointment

to shop for the Fall semester, click here:



Shopping takes place at:

Storage by George

1135 Golden Gate Drive  (south of the CHP offices)


~  Go WEST off Hiway 29 on Imola Ave 
~  Take first LEFT onto Golden Gate Drive 
~  Drive South past CHP offices & Southgate Storage
~  You will see Storage by George on the right

~  Turn right into second driveway (gate will be open)
~  Drive to second driveway on the left, you will see our units marked A, B, C, D, E.
~  Park your car to the right before you turn into the driveway 

Bring large bags to take your goodies home!!



Congratulations to Teacher Resource Center of the North Bay! 

We are so very lucky to be chosen once again to participate 
in CanDo's 2018 Napa Valley Give!Guide

The Give!Guide has grown so much since its beginning, in its 5 year existence it has raised $1,433,000. Yet, we know there are so many folks in our community that are unaware of this incredible opportunity to support 46 local non-profits and the wonderful work that they do. Please join us in spreading the word about
Napa Valley CanDo's amazing project. 


Teacher panhandles to raise funds for school supplies


Watch a short video about TRCNB



Click on the logo above to watch an

NBC Nightly News segment on the

Kids in Need Foundation.

TRCNB, both grateful and proud to be associated with KINF, thanks them for supporting our students and teachers with much needed classroom supplies.  

$275,000 worth of classroom materials have been donated to TRCNB through KINF! They are truly making a difference in kids' lives.