We provide FREE classroom supplies to public school students throughout Napa County so these children can succeed.

And We Need YOUR Help!

You can help by donating money, needed supplies, by volunteering your time, or by attending one of our fundraising events.

Fall Semester Teacher Shopping Now Open

   Appointments Available    August 5 – September 30
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June 2010 through September 2018

  • Teacher Shopping Visits: 2,731
  • Students Served: 26,900
  • Schools Served: 41
  • Average Value per shopping visit: $320-$400
  • In-kind Donated Supplies: $1,092,400

September 25 - 29

Shred Day 2019

The Bank of Marin Shred Day Benefiting Teacher Resource Center

Tuesday, July 23
9:00 - 12:00

School Bus

Fill a Bus With School Supplies

Saturday, August 3
8:30 - 1:00

Are you a

Supplies are provided directly to teachers who deliver them to their students.

Want to

Would you like to be one of the precious volunteers who make it all happen?

Thank You Partners

TRCNB, both grateful and proud to be associated with KINF, thanks them for supporting our students and teachers with much needed classroom supplies. Visit www.KINF.org to learn more.